Public realm enhancements

We must prioritize public investments in public space. This project must bring much needed improvements to the areas of the park used by residents every day. That would include enhancing Aberdeen Square so that it is more welcoming to pedestrians, keeping it clear of cars and providing small bandshells for events. It could include enhancing the skating rink with a proper skate shack and better lighting. It could include a better play area for kids, a safer water feature and splash pad, and more drinking fountains and public art.
We can’t delay these improvements for 15 or 20 years while we invest funds to build privately-operated commercial facilities. It’s time to prioritize public space. 

Public realm enhancements could include: 

  • Additional seating in and around the park
  • Small bandshell for varied events
  • Additional covered bicycle parking
  • Interpretive panels throughout the site
  • Enhanced delineation of Aberdeen Square
  • Increased lighting and better sound equipment at the skating rink
  • Public WiFi on site
  • Redesigned entrance at Princess Patricia Way and Queen Elizabeth Drive
  • Forestry plan for the site, including floral plan along Queen Elizabeth Drive
  • Additional shade
  • Redesign and rebuild the Great Lawn
  • New permanent art feature
  • Permanent skate shack
  • More water fountains
  • New play area
  • Community garden for residents living on site
  • Horticulture Building ventilation
  • Increased washroom access 

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