The Bad

  • The cost has risen to $419 million for taxpayers; 
  • Despite moving away from talk of “revenue neutrality”, property tax uplift is still being used as a way to finance, in part, the Lansdowne 2.0 proposal; 
  • One of the two towers proposed is still a luxury skyscraper at 40 storeys with zero affordable housing; this type of built form does not contribute to supply-side efforts to address the housing crisis; 
  • There remain too many additional parking stalls proposed, which will bring hundreds of additional cars to the site while providing no means of managing the increased traffic; 
  • There is no new transportation plan proposed, and there are no commitments to make needed changes and improvements to our transit and transportation system to resolve longstanding problems with the site that continue to negatively impact local residents, users of the park and the economic success of the site; 
  • The proposed investment for public realm enhancements is the bare minimum of what was proposed in the 2022 report ($10 million), and there is no advanced timeline to implement these needed investments; 
  • The new proposal assumes that other levels of government will contribute $20 million to the plan, without which, Ottawa taxpayers will be forced to pay more; 
  • From a sports fan/entertainment perspective:  
    • There will be no green space from which to enjoy a game or event with friends and family as the hill be replaced by an arena with no green roof; 
    • There will be fewer seats to choose from in both the new arena and the stadium; 
    • Ticket prices will increase; 
    • There is no roof proposed for the north side stands (as there is now); 
    • No new transportation solutions are being proposed for suburban and rural commuters, such as more park-and-rides or permanent free shuttle service on Bank Street; and  
    • The proposed music hall has been removed. 

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