A Transportation Plan that works

It is no secret that transportation to Lansdowne Park needs work. Bank Street is too regularly clogged with cars, without enough public transit serving the park for mid-sized events. Bank Street offers little space for pedestrians and no space for bicyclists. Twentieth Century car-centric planning has failed. If we want Lansdowne to succeed, we must look for new transportation solutions, rather than doubling down on the status quo.

Let’s ensure free shuttle service for all events at Lansdowne. Let’s have increased transit service to and from the park on Bank Street with a dedicated lane. Let’s get bike lanes on Bank Street and create new and safe bicycling infrastructure to and through the site. Let’s ensure the parking lots are accessible at either end of Lansdowne while restricting car access through Aberdeen Square and with surface parking confined to Marche Way. 

We can provide a new entrance way at Queen Elizabeth Drive that is welcoming to pedestrians and bicyclists, giving them a safe way to cross from the canal. We can implement a mid-block pedestrian crossing on Holmwood, to help people access different parts of the site. We can adjust the entranceways and provide safe connections for all road users at each entrance and exit. 

This is fundamental for a prospering and thriving Lansdowne Park. 

Transportation improvements could include: 

  • Transit lane along Bank Street
  • Increased shuttle service to the park for mid-sized events
  • Expanded free transit for all ticket holders and users on Bank
  • Long-term plans for either a permanent tram on QED or Gondola along Bank Street
  • Bicycle/mobility lanes along Bank Street
  • An advance bicycle light at Bank and Holmwood to pair with advance pedestrian light
  • A signalized crossing at Queen Elizabeth Drive and Princess Patricia Way
  • Extend the Echo Drive sidewalk west from Bank Street
  • Create a two-way accessible link from the canal for pedestrians and bicyclists at Echo and Colonel By Drive
  • Curb modifications at Bank Street intersections to create a more welcoming pedestrian experience
  • Covered bicycle parking and repair station on-site
  • A new pedestrian crossover on Holmwood near Bank
  • A new sidewalk along the north side of Princes Patricia Way at Queen Elizabeth Drive
  • New lighting along the Lansdowne multi-use pathway (MUP)
  • Improved lighting at three-way MUP junction along Queen Elizabeth Drive
  • Improved intersection design of Bank Street at Fifth Avenue, as per the 2019 Cycling Safety Review of High-Volume Intersections.
  • Protected bicycling facility on Fifth Avenue eastbound
  • Widened and protected bicycling facility on Fifth Avenue westbound at Queen Elizabeth Drive
  • Northbound MUP facility for bicyclists and pedestrians on O’Connor between Holmwood and Fifth
  • Upgrade asphalt sidewalk along Queen Elizabeth Drive between Broadway and Queen Elizabeth Place to a MUP
  • A new Pedestrian Crossover on Queen Elizabeth Drive at the Southeast corner of the park
  • Improved wayfinding on and around the park 

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