The city's approach to consultation on Lansdowne has long been a key community concern. The city asks for feedback on already formulated proposals, rather than asking residents what they want out of Lansdowne Park.

After-the-fact consultations don't cut it, and often result in few, if any, changes being matter what residents have to say.

Four years ago, the Capital Ward office released a vision for Lansdowne, A Place for People, not to decide what Lansdowne should be, but, hopefully, to foster conversations about what Lansdowne could become.

This is the question the city should ask residents: how would you transform Lansdowne Park?

In early May, the Capital Ward office hosted a public consultation, and one community representative presented such a vision for Lansdowne. The response from residents was overwhelmingly positive.

You can view the slide deck that accompanied the presentation here:

Watch the presentation here:

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